Relationship Counseling: 
 People have a myriad of relationships in their lives to navigate and nurture complete with each individual's expectations, strengths, and weaknesses. Sometimes these relationships get tangled and knotted and need to be worked through. Other times these relationships have a complete breakdown in communication, the fundamental element in any healthy relationship. Together we can develop positive relationships in your life to reveal a heightened sense of satisfaction and balanced well-being.

Facing Codependency, Pia Melody Feeling Good Together, David D. Burns
The Verbally Abusive Relationship, Patricia Evans Love Is A Choice, Minirth & Meier
The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman Boundaries, Henry Cloud & John Townsend
Getting the Love that You Want, A Guide for Couples,
Harville Hendrix
Authentic Soulmates:  Tips on the Journey to Intimacy,
Tammy Summers
Undefended Love, Marlena Lyan & Jett Psaris The Intimacy Factor, Pia Melody
Love without Conditions, Paul Ferrini How to Love, Anthony Demello
Codependent No More, Melody Beattie  

These resources are listed for informational purposes only.  They do not indicate endorsement.

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